Digital Care Cards

Now that our collection is growing from just candles, we thought it was time to 'go digital' with our care cards.

What's a care card?

Every order placed, whether it's a candle, clamshell (wax melt) or diffuser will come with a care card for each item, with care and safety instructions and tips for a longer lasting scent!

We are finding that more and more of you are purchasing several different items in your orders (which is amazing!!) but it means we have to put separate care cards for each item...which can be up to three pieces of card per order (and even more if the purchases are gifts going off to different places!) And although we hope that these cards are read and kept for your safety, we know that some will end up in the bin...

That's why we have decided to go digital with our care cards, each order will receive a small card (business card size) which will explain that we've gone digital and a web address to search (this one right here!) where you'll find all the care and safety information needed to look after your j candles product!

Please see below for the care information for Candles, Clamshells and Diffusers. You will also find a downloadable PDF version under each section which you are more than welcome to print off yourself or download to your computer/phone for safe keeping!


- Ensure your wick is 1/4 inch before each burn

- To prevent an uneven burn, ensure the melt pool reaches the edge of the glass before extinguishing, particularly during the first burn

- Make sure your candle is burnt on a heat resistant surface

- Burn for a maximum of 4 hours at a time

- Keep the wax free of wick trimmings and debris at all times

- Never leave your candle burning unattended

- Keep away from children and pets

PDF and video tutorial coming soon.


- Take the wax melt out of it's clamshell and snap the cubes

- Place 1-2 wax melt cubes in your burner (1 for small burners, 2 for larger full size burners)

- Place your wax burner on an even surface away from daughter and flammable objects

- Ensure your burner is not placed too close to windows or walls as this could cause your burner to crack

- Do not leave your burner on for longer than 3 hours at a time

- Keep away from children and pets

- You can reuse your wax melt until the scent has faded. Once faded, wipe away the residue and add a new wax melt cube

PDF and video tutorial coming soon.


- To take the travel cap off, carefully place your fingernail underneath the cap and lever it off. Ensure you hold the diffuser bottle tight to ensure no spillages. 

- Our reed diffusers should last at least 3 months, but in order to maximise the scent throw, keep your diffuser out of direct sunlight. - Some fragrances last longer than others and can keep their scent for up to 6 months. Warm rooms help the scent travel.

- Flip your reeds every 2-3 weeks for an instant refresh. 

- Keep this product out of reach of children and do not allow the reeds to touch any services or soft furnishings.

- To maximise scent, double up on the diffuser to allow fragrance to fill both sides of your room. Fragrances can seem stronger in smaller rooms due to the size of the room.

PDF and video tutorial coming soon.